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  • 1. Behaviour, Performance and Psychosocial Issues in Space


    1. 60 Days of Bed Rest Impair Hippocampal Plasticity and Spatial Cognition

    2. Changes in Sleep-Wake Rhythms and Crew Cohesion During Two 1-Year Antarctic Winter-Over Missions

    3. Astronauts’ Views of Work-Family Interactions: Supportive, Conflicting Roles

    4. Personal values and crew dynamics during long duration space missions: Comparing results from the ISS and space analog settings

    5. A systematic review of personal values research in isolated, confined and extreme environments

    6. Deciding on Mars: The Effects of Isolation on Autonomous Team Decision-Making

    7. Teams in Extreme Environments: Exploring Coping and Stress (TE3AMS) – Study Motivation and Initial Results

    8. Behavioral Motivation of Prospective Mars Crewmembers

    9. Assessment of the Effects of Isolation, Confinement and Hypoxia on Spaceflight Piloting Performance for future Space Missions – The SIMSKILL Experiment in Antarctica

    10. psychological response during long-term low metabolism experiment

    11. Interactive Interest-Based Negotiation Training for Managing Conflict in Isolated Confined Environments

    12. Are Findings in ICE Psychology Generalizable and Replicable? The Example of Coping Strategy

    . Dealing with the unexpected: How team adaptation drives human performance in Antarctica