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  • 3. Medical Care for Humans in Space


    1. Effect of different short radius centrifuge rotation regimes on electrolytes concentration and markers of the cardiovascular system in volunteers- subjects

    2. Effect of artificial gravity with exercise on spaceflight deconditioning in humans and project for assessment of artificial gravity in H-II Transfer Vehicle in International Space Station — as well as the deep space gateway.

    3. Mission Beyond: The NutrISS experiment on board the International Space Station

    4. Artificial gravity with centrifuge and optimal dose of the intervention to counteract gait alteration in rats exposed to simulated microgravity

    5. A sliding window real-time processing approach for analysis of heart rate variability during spaceflight

    6. Case-Based Medical Learning for Long Duration Space Travel

    7. Investigating the Feasibility and Design of a Microgravity Surgical Workstation

    8. Effects of Microgravity on the Formation of Dental Caries

    9. A Virtual Personal Assistant as psychological counseling tool to support human exploration of deep space.

    10. Developing exponential technologies for space teleanesthesia, space telesurgery and mental health to maintain and support analog astronauts during simulation missions in isolated, confined environments (I.C.E) and future settlement on Mars.

    11. “CLEON” Mechanical, Cleansing and Non-invasive Cancer Therapy Medication Device, A Preliminary Design and Prospective to Maintain Astronaut’s Health and Performance

    12. Medical in space

    13. Cis-Lunar Orbital Medical Facility and Roadmap

    14. Developing a Competency Map for Space Medicine Education

    15. Study on the development of a pharmaceutical kit for long-duration deep-space human spaceflight

    16. The Case for Space: Surgical Readiness for Deep Space Missions

    17. Conceptualization of a medical support unit designed to sustain crew health during deep space transit

    18. Cycling to the Moon and rowing towards Mars

    19. Artificial intelligence as a behavioural countermeasure

    20. Sleep Monitoring