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  • 6. Astrobiology and Exploration


    1. Implementing Bioburden reduction and control on the deliquescent hydrogel of the ExoMars, HABIT Instrument

    2. Bioreduction of Solid Rocket Motors for Planetary Protection

    3. A new preventive acting bioinspired antimicrobial surface – actual status and first results

    4. Anti-microbial Polymer Development for Spacecraft Cabin Disease & System Contamination

    5. Characterization and Measurement of Spacecraft Airborne Particulate Matter

    6. PLEIADES: a highly integrated lab-on-chip system for the detection of life-markers in extraterrestrial environments

    7. Application of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Penicillium chrysogenum in the bioleaching of heavy metals from the meteoritic material (chondrite typ H) : a perspective tool for producing a shield from cosmic radiation

    8. An Instrument Based Solution for Forward Contamination

    9. Direct astrobiological sampling of enceladus' subsurface vents for the microlife instrument suite

    10. ICExPOSE:Icy exposure of microorganisms

    11. Blue-green cyanobacteria Plectonema boryanum UTEX B 485 cultivation under low pressure anaerobic conditions (with a high content of carbon dioxide) simulating Martian atmosphere

    12. Evolution with seasons of the organic content on Titan : from its atmosphere to the surface

    13. Selective Uptake of Rare Earth Elements in Marine Systems as an Indication of and Control on Aerobic Bacterial Methanotrophy

    . On-site DNA sequencing for astrobiology analogue research