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  • 1. Gravity and Fundamental Physics


    1. Stable optical and vacuum systems for quantum technology applications in space

    2. In-Orbit-Verification of Optical Clock Technologies

    3. The Stratospheric Optical Rubidium Clock Experiment

    4. LARES 2 an approved mission for testing general relativity

    5. ACES Operations: an ISS External Scientific Payload Looking for Experimental Confirmations on the General Relativity Theory

    6. Evaluating atmospheric density with MICROSCOPE data

    7. Testing and practical use of general relativistic clock effects in the vicinity of the Earth

    8. Cosmological perturbations produced by point-like masses: all scales covered

    9. drop your thesis! 2018 results: 4.74 seconds of microgravity conditions to enable future cubesat landings on asteroids

    10. ROAR -- A Ground-Based Experimental Facility for Orbital Aerodynamics Research