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  • 3. Microgravity Experiments from Sub-Orbital to Orbital Platforms


    1. An Investigation of the Laboratory-Based and Microgravity Centrifugal Casting of Paraffin Wax

    2. Experimental Investigation of Drop Evaporation in Microgravity onboard Chinese Satellite SJ10

    3. Gravity and direction of body acceleration influence perception of distances during a parabolic flight.

    4. Space experimental stady on the volume ratio effect and transition processes of thermocapillary convection

    5. Can frozen sperm samples withstand being sent to space? Considering the creation of a sperm bank outside Earth.

    6. The Pathway to Launch the MAIUS-2/3 Payload on a Sounding Rocket

    7. Preliminary results from HEDGEHOG REXUS Project – sounding rocket experiment on accelerations, vibrations and heat flow

    8. Validation of a new mass gauging method for electric propulsion tanks on-board the 70th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign

    9. Simulating the Intermediate Axis Theorem using Matlab and Autodesk Fusion 360

    10. Developing Smart Payload Servicing Modules for Suborbital Space Servicing

    11. A Design and Performance Evaluation of Passive Microgravity Sensor