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  • 4. Science Results from Ground Based Research


    1. KEYNOTE: Fluid Physics from International Space Station

    2. Experimental examination of the thermodynamic stable states of water in a near weightless environment when confined within an isolated axisymmetric container: implications for future spacecraft design

    3. DCMIX experiment: Soret and diffusion coefficients in a ternary mixture in convection-free environment

    4. Preparation of the DCMIX4 experiment - Measurement of the diffusion coefficients of the Ternary systems with C60 Fullerene with the open ended capillary and NMR

    5. Single Bubble Sonoluminescence Microgravity Experiment Design and Preliminary Results

    6. Free Surface Reconstruction of Opaque Liquids for \\ Experimental Sloshing Analyses in Microgravity

    7. practical application of electrolysis on the moon environment condition.

    8. Early Time Bacteria Adhesion on Channel Surfaces under Terrestrial Gravity

    9. Gravity and Microhydrodynamic Effects on Bacteria Transport in Biocolloids

    10. Recent Progress of Chinese Microgravity Materials Science Research and Future Material Science Research Projects of China Space Station

    11. Investigations into Cotton Growth on the Moon: Extrapolation of Growth Rate from Microgravity Simulations and Earth Gravity