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  • 5. Facilities and Operations of Microgravity Experiments


    1. From Ground-Based Microgravity Facilities to Suborbital Flights

    2. Investigating Asteroid Surface Geophysics with an Ultra-Low-Gravity Centrifuge in Low-Earth Orbit

    3. BAMMsat recent development: A bioCubeSat hardware platform to enable biological studies in space.

    4. Glide, without g – a systematic quantification of gliders 0-g flight capabilities

    5. MIGROP - Parabolic Flight with Light Aircraft – on the Threshold of the Market Launch

    6. Frequent Microgravity Suborbital Service - a Door Opener to Space for All

    7. A Mission Control System for Microgravity Platforms built on Open Source Technologies

    8. New Shepard Payload Accommodations and Flight History

    9. Teledyne and Bradford Engineering’s Multi-Purpose Glovebox for Deep Space Gateway – Evolution of Space Glovebox Technology

    10. The Space Foundry Lab Module on the ISS: A Commercial and Upgraded Electromagnetic Levitation Furnace for Metal Research in Space

    11. A Prototype of Microgravity Facility Operated by Linear Motors: Motion Plan and Control