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  • 6. Microgravity Sciences on board ISS and beyond


    1. DECLIC EVO: repair, upgrade, and new science objectives

    2. In situ observation of growth dynamics in DECLIC Directional Solidification Insert onboard ISS: DSI-R flight campaign

    3. BECCAL – cold atoms on the International Space Station

    4. In-orbit Operation and preliminary Analysis of the ISS Experiment PAPELL

    5. Analysis of the Microgravity Research Ecosystem and Market Drivers of Accessibility

    6. In Situ Space Protein Crystal Growth: A New Approach to Conducting PCG Research on ISS

    7. The three MELFI freezers in ISS offering extended life and outstanding performance for Life Science

    8. AIM (Artery In Microgravity): Design and Development of an ICE Cubes Experiment

    9. Mission Beyond: the Amyloid Aggregation experiment on board the International Space Station

    10. Mission Beyond: The UTISS team to support the Italian experiments for the International Space Station

    11. NanoRacks LEO Commercialization Study: Experiences and Outcomes