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  • 7. Life and Physical Sciences under reduced Gravity


    1. Exploiting the potential of commercial flight-proven hardware for biological experimentation in space.

    2. space life science instruments and experimental technologies in China

    3. The International Space Station U.S. National Lab – Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

    4. BioFabrication Facility, Tissue Printing on the International Space Station

    5. Tissue Chips in Space

    6. On-chip cell-culture support and monitoring device with integrated thin-film sensors and actuators

    7. Effects of microgravity on stem cell engraftment, proliferation, and differentiation through the ground based RPM experiments

    8. Genotyping, Phylogeny, and Gene Expression Measurement Module - the door to high-throughput in-situ analyses of clinical and biological samples in Space.

    9. Experiment Design for a Genome-Wide Yeast Fitness Profiling Experiment On Board Orion’s Artemis 1 Mission

    10. Search for proteins of blood proteome - regulators of bone remodeling in cosmonauts

    11. The Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as countermeasure for retinal damage onboard the International Space Station: the CORM project

    12. CubeSat biolab – investigation of radiation influence to bacteria in MEO

    13. Introduction of Accessibility and New Innovative Technologies and Solutions for supporting human life on the International Space Station

    14. Examination of Molecular Mechanisms on Vascular Formation and Stress Response in Zebrafish by Different Microgravity Environments

    15. Rodent Research Reference Missions on the ISS National Lab

    16. Utility of Health Wearables for Astronaut Medical Support: Implications for Future Deep Space Missions

    . Preliminary Microscopy Analysis of Fungal Growth in Spaceflight