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  • 2B. Moon Exploration – Part 2


    1. First in flight results of the NCLE instrument - A low frequency radio receiver exploring the dark ages in Lunar orbit

    2. Laser Velocity and Altitude Sensor Technology for Lunar Robotic and Human Landing Systems

    3. Taiwanese First Moon Exploration Mission

    4. Canada and New Lunar Exploration

    5. ispace Modular Lunar Rover Design

    6. Lunar “Volatile And Mineralogy Mapping Orbiter (VMMO)” Mission

    7. Development status of CubeSat Moon Lander OMOTENASHI

    8. A light-weight rover prototype with mechanism to secure reliable actuation for a long-term lunar exploration

    9. Status of Rover System Study for Japanese Lunar Polar Exploration Mission

    10. NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute: Merging Science and Exploration on the Moon

    11. Korea Pathfinder LUunar Orbiter (KPLO): Update on the Collaborative KARI/NASA Mission