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  • 3A. Mars Exploration – missions current and future


    1. KEYNOTE: Mars Sample Return Mission Concept Status

    2. Potential European Contributions to the International Mars Sample Return Campaign

    3. The Multi-Mission Earth Entry Vehicle - Past, Present, and Future

    4. Status of NASA’s InSight Mars Mission InSight: [Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport]

    5. SEIS on Mars

    6. The ExoMars 2020 Rover: an overlook to its design, technology and ambitious objectives

    7. Exomars Rover & Surface Platform Mission: Approaching the Launch Campaign

    8. emirates mars mission (emm) command and data handling design overview

    9. Operation of NASA’s Science and Telecommunications Network at Mars

    10. Comparative Planetology of Martian Ionosphere

    11. INPPS Flagship: 2020th and 2030th Mars Explorations