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  • 3B. Mars Exploration – Science, Instruments and Technologies


    1. Design and Optimization of Hybrid Drone for Mars Exploration

    2. MarAV - Conceptual design of solar powered Martian Aerial Vehicle

    3. A hybrid system architecture that combines a centralized rover with a flying swarm of rotary winged drones for Mars exploration

    4. Resource constrained onboard planning for Mars rovers

    5. Novel Autonomous Mars Rovers Optimal Guidance Approach Based on Nature Phenomenon of Bee Algorithm in Co-operative Formation

    6. Application of pneumatics to drilling, excavation, sample acquisition and transfer on planetary missions

    7. Robotic Arms for Mars Sample Retrieval

    8. MSR Rendezvous and Capture phase: the GNC subsystem solution and a snapshot over the Image Processing algorithms and Narrow Angle Camera Elegant Breadboard

    9. Airbus DS Vision Based Navigation solutions for the Mars Sample Return – Earth Return Orbiter Mission

    10. MOXIE Composition Sensors Calibration and Characterization

    11. Characterization of the Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS) Flight Model for the ESA’s ExoMars 2020 Mission

    12. A combined Raman, LIF, and micro-LIBS system with time-resolved fluorescence capabilities for planetary exploration applications

    13. Design Considerations and Development Status for Atmospheric Powered Descent of High-Mass Payloads at Mars