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  • session 4B
  • 4B. Small Bodies Missions and Technologies (Part 2)


    1. Report on Hayabusa2 touch-down dynamics and sampling operation result

    2. MASCOT operations on Ryugu – Focus on specific tasks

    3. Analysis and Design of a Propulsion Module for Small Body Nanolander and Surface Science Packages based on the MASCOT lander concept

    4. One-shot depth imaging for small body landing missions with a single plenoptic camera

    5. The science return of the ESA Hera mission: the European component of the AIDA project in cooperation with NASA DART

    6. Juventas: Exploration of a binary asteroid system with a CubeSat

    7. Mission Definition of Martian Moons eXploration (MMX)

    8. A Rover for the MMX Mission to Phobos

    9. The Raman spectrometer onboard the MMX rover for Phobos

    10. Characterisation of a potentially threatening NEO