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    1. Lunar Landing-and-Takeoff Vehicle

    2. Study of Prefabricated Composite Layer as a Temperature and Impact Shield for Lunar Habitats

    3. The Primary Locations and Settlement Strategies of Interest for Future Lunar Bases

    4. Hawaiian Basalt Characterization and the Effects of Chemical Composition Variances on the Sintering Process; Potential Implications for Lunar/Mars ISRU Applications.

    5. Implementation of low-power, wideband synthetic aperture radar for primitive body reconnaissance applications

    6. Interactive Planetary Visualization and Analysis with NASA’s Solar System Treks Portals

    7. The USC ADAM Project: Advanced Developmental Architectures for Our Moon

    8. Regolith mining in Shackleton Crater: propellant, building materials and vital resources production for a long duration manned mission

    9. Rover Performance Boundary Assessment using Terrain Map Traversability Analysis

    10. Material Characterization while Drilling on Moon:Results of the Atmospheric Drilling tests

    11. Lunar Excavator: Regolith Mining Operations Testing

    12. mission concept for lunar low frequency antennas for radio astronomy (lufar)

    13. PLEXNet - A Distributed, Variable-autonomy Architecture for Exploration of Planetary Bodies

    14. jump robot with tether for lunar vertical hole exploration

    15. From Dust to Gas, LEAP2 Technologies for Lunar Site Development at the Marius Hills Skylight

    16. The GLACiER Project in the IGLUNA ESA Lab Demonstrator Project

    17. Iceland campaigns for exploration of lava caves and extrapolation to a semi-permanent lunar habitat

    18. Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) as an Opportunity to Test Technologies Applicable to the Robotic and Crewed Exploration of both Moon and Mars

    19. Cislunar Autonomous Navigation Using Multi-GNSS and GNSS-like Augmentations: Capabilities and Benefits

    20. In-situ Resources Utilisation (ISRU): Using swarm robotics to optimise this key technology for future sustainable lunar exploration

    21. Setting up an Earth Moon Gondola from the Moon Village

    22. development and test of a foldable protection system for a small landing probe using 3d-printed metal grids as shock absorber

    . 2-Dimensional Simulation of Electrostatic Dust Lofting on the Lunar Terminator

    . A Long-range and Highly Reliable Autonomous Navigation Method for Lunar Surface Exploration

    . Application of Convolutional Neural Networks for classification of Lunar Sample Petrographic Thin Sections

    . Design of Autonomous swarm robot for Lunar infrastructure construction

    . Lunar SOURCE: Lunar SOUnding Radar Cubesat Experiment