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  • 2. Human Exploration of Mars


    1. Possible Deep Space Gateway Support for Human Mars Missions

    2. Defining the Required Net Habitable Volume for Long-Duration Exploration Missions

    3. Mars Habitat Resource Management using Multi-Agent Models and Machine Learning Forecasts

    4. Space Resource Logistics for Human Exploration to Mars

    5. Bioregenerative Systems on Mars : Why, Challenges, and How To Get There

    6. Mars Direct 2.0 How to send humans to Mars using Starships.

    7. Parametric equation for the settlement of Mars

    8. Designing a technology ecosystem for the integration of environmental analysis and health diagnostics to assist humans in the colonisation of Mars

    9. System Level Design for a Large Scale Colony on Mars

    10. Design and modeling of an electrochemical device producing methane/oxygen and polyethylene from in-situ resources on Mars

    11. A Draft International Treaty Outlining a System of Governance for the Colonisation of Mars

    12. Near-Earth Asteroids Mining as Interplanetary Economy Supply: Designing an Autonomous Mars Colony

    13. The 2019 Analog Mars Mission Season at the Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station