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  • session 3-B3.6
  • 3-B3.6. Human and Robotic Partnerships in Exploration - Joint session of the IAF Human Spaceflight and IAF Exploration Symposia


    1. Seeker Robotic Free Flyer Evolutionary Development Approach

    2. Deployment of the SOLEX environment for analog space telerobotics validation

    3. Potential Life Cycle Benefits of Intelligent Tools for Ground Control of Space Robotics

    4. Benefits of Robust Intravehicular Robotic Systems for Deep Space Exploration

    5. Evaluation of a Highly Dexterous Robotic Manipulator for Utilization of On-Orbit Servicing

    6. A Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Autonomous Assembly of In-Space Habitats and Infrastructures in Uncertain Environments

    7. Developing General AI, Blockchain, & AR/MR for Emergency Medical Triage, Disaster Relief and Remote Medical Rescue for analog astronauts living in I.C.E

    8. Ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence in human space operations.

    9. Robotic Construction & Prototyping of a 3D-Printed Mars Surface Habitat

    10. HexHab 3D Construction-Printed Planetary Habitat for Extreme Environments