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  • 1. Space Debris Detection, Tracking and Characterization


    1. Operational observations of LEO objects with optical sensors

    2. Methods for detecting subtle space debris using information from optical telescopes

    3. Sub-millimeter space debris measurement in low Earth orbit: the Debris Density Retrieval and Analysis (DEDRA) mission

    4. WISE Thermal IR Observations of IDCSP Satellites

    5. Development of a High Fidelity Simulator for Generalised Photometric Based Space Object Classification using Machine Learning

    6. Space Debris Characterization Through the Slovak Debris Light Curve Catalogue

    7. Computing surface brightness integrals of artificial axisymmetric Space objects for photometric light curves

    8. Biometric Inspired Satellite Characterization using Hypertemporal Photometry

    9. Infrared Detection of Space Debris and the Applicability of Observation Data

    10. Space Weather Induced Optical Changes in HAMR Debris Materials