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  • 2. Modelling and Risk Analysis


    1. Numerical investigation on the standard catastrophic break-up criteria

    2. Fragments distribution prediction for ENVISAT catastrophic fragmentation

    3. A semi-analytical approach to low-thrust collision avoidance manoeuvre design

    4. Long-Term Environmental Effects of Deploying the OneWeb Satellite Constellation

    5. How an aware usage of the long-term dynamics can improve the long-term situation in the LEO region

    6. NewSpace and its implications for space debris models

    7. Impacts of Large Constellations and Mission Disposal Guidelines on the Future Space Debris Environment

    8. Variance-Covariance Significant Figure Reduction and Its Effect on Collision Probability Calculation

    9. What is the Cost of NOT Doing Debris Remediation NOW?

    10. evaluation of active debris removal strategy using a debris evolutionary model

    11. the optimal collision avoidance maneuver with multiple objects in GEO

    12. Long-term evolution and lifetime analyses of geostationary transfer orbits with solar radiation pressure

    . Improvements and updates in the new MASTER model

    . Transformation of satellite break-up distribution function using Gauss’ variational equations