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  • 3. Impact-Induced Mission Effects and Risk Assessments


    1. Predicting Perforation and Rupture of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels Following an Orbital Debris Particle Impact

    2. New Technique for Launching Spherical Projectile with Millimeter Scale over 10 Km/S Using Strong Laser-Driven and Some Experiments for Whipple Shields

    3. Bigger Fragments Bigger Picture – Characterizing DebriSat Fragments

    4. Examination of the Implications of Larger DebriSat Fragment Characteristics

    5. Study on the Mechanism of Kinetic Energy Dissipation of Graded Impedance Materials with High Efficiency

    6. Study of the temperature effects on the shielding performance of a Whipple shield enhanced by Ti-Al-Mg impedance-graded materials

    7. A simple model for shape effects in HVI

    8. Examination of satellite collision scenarios spanning low to hypervelocity encounters using semi-empirical models

    9. numerical evaluation of the influence of pre-arranged fault lines in the fragmentation of satellites subjected to hypervelocity collisions

    10. How hypervelocity impacts can affect the LISA mission – The MIRAD study

    11. Assessing Debris Strikes in Spacecraft Telemetry: Development and Comparison of Various Techniques