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  • 5. Post Mission Disposal and Space Debris Removal (1)


    1. The in-orbit technologies demonstrations of the RemoveDebris mission

    2. The ELSA-d End-of-life Debris Removal Mission: Preparing for Launch

    3. Demonstration of Space Debris Deorbit by Electrodynamic Tether

    4. Wholesale LEO Debris Capture and Removal Using EDDE

    5. Simulation and Tension Control of a Tether-Actuated Closing Mechanism for Net-Based Capture of Space Debris

    6. feasibility analysis of large-size space debris de-orbiting from near-earth orbits with respect to the initial mass of a fuelled sc-collector

    7. Rapid Computation of MEO Satellite Deorbit Times Using Doubly-Averaged Dynamics

    8. A Permanent Solution for Controlling the Small Space Debris Population

    9. Implementation of a high thrust mono-propellant engine on a propulsion module

    10. Grasping Mechanism concepts oriented to Debris for Removal application

    . Assisted natural reentry for LEO satellites: impacts on mission and satellite design

    . Capture of debris in GEO by a heavy collector and towing it to graveyard orbit

    . The Preliminary Analysis of the Re-entry Orbits of Beidou Inclined Geosynchronous Satellites