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  • 6. Post Mission Disposal and Space Debris Removal (2)


    1. configuration schemes of active spacecrafts for reorbiting large size space debris

    2. How on Orbit Fueling Supports the Deorbit Tug Business Case

    3. Space Station Concept for Active Debris Removal Applying EcoDesign Principles

    4. ReDSHIFT disposal module for the design of end-of-life disposal trajectories for LEO to GEO missions

    5. Modular and Low Cost Expansion Resistance Increasing de-Orbiting Device for small Satellite and large constellation

    6. In-orbit Performance of Deorbiting Sails

    7. Results of the RemoveDebris Vision-Based Navigation from Optical Images

    8. Characterizing the impact of rotational velocity on a laser-based debris removal system

    9. Preliminary Design of an End-of-life ADR Mission for Large Constellations

    10. Escape, disposal and re-entry trajectories from lunar non-Keplerian orbits

    . Ground-based Adaptive Optics for Tracking and Pushing Space Debris: On Sky Results of the Adaptive Optics System

    . New Design for Demise technology concepts for structural joining technologies