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  • 7. Operations in Space Debris Environment, Situational Awareness


    1. Achievements and challenges in more than 3 years of full operation of ASPOS OKP

    2. Sovereign Australian Space Situational Awareness

    3. Launch Access to Space in the Presence of Large LEO Constellations and the Space Fence

    4. Design & Development of an Optimized Sensor Scheduling & Tasking Programme for Tracking Space Objects

    5. Making small satellites visible: Nanosat tracking and identification techniques and technologies

    6. Revisiting the filtering problem

    7. Avoiding Collisions in Space via Aerodynamically-Induced Along-Track Orbit Variations

    8. Value-added Services at GEO Derived from Persistent Observation

    9. Data fusion application for improving orbit determination and re-entry predictions

    10. Enhance the TLE Catalog through Sharing Machine Learning Models

    . metrics for defining probability of collision for on-orbit assets