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  • Balancing Fair Representation in Science

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    Dr. Carol Christian, United States, STScI


    Dr. of the Women in Astronomy Forum, United States, STScI



    At the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), we strive to science excellence and exemplary support of our research community using our telescopes. One contributing factor is that our core values include fostering inclusiveness and diversity. Beyond the Institute hosted interest groups and training as well as accommodating family needs on site and health benefits, the Women in Astronomy Forum has taken on an initiative to produce a set of guidelines and measurable goals to increase gender representation in our scientific activities. We have the expectation (bolstered by external research) that this initiative will result not only in better equity but in a more robust science team producing increasing advancement in science research. We have constructed methods to specifically to raise awareness of implicit bias in everyday circumstances including in science paper authorship, STScI sponsored conferences and workshops as well as opportunities for networking and attendance at conferences and activities held throughout the astronomical community. Another specific measure taken has been the anonymization of peer review of Hubble Space Telescope observing proposals. All of these activities have specific goals, stretch goals, methods of measurement and definitive reporting mechanisms all to be described in this presentation along with and historical data in each area. Based on the outcome of this effort, these initiatives will be expanded into the realm of engineering at STScI.
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