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  • 2. Science Goals and Drivers for Future Exoplanet, Space Astronomy, Physics, and Outer Solar System Science Missions


    1. High Contrast Observations the Alpha Centauri System and Several Shortcuts to Image Another Pale Blue Dot

    2. A High Efficient Attitude Reference Pointing Law for Chinese “Einstein Probe” Satellite

    3. Testing technological and astronomical SDSA/SRT capabilities for solar and near-Sun observations.

    4. Detection of Solar and Jovian Radio Emissions at 20.1 MHz with a Decametric Radio Telescope Array

    5. Science goals for future exploration of the habitability of the gaseous giant planets’ satellites

    6. Comparative study of impact craters on Earth and Titan using RADAR

    7. Titan Investigator

    8. CubeSub- A Submersible Concept For Underwater Planetary Exploration

    9. The Interstellar Medium and Observation of Nanodiamonds

    10. FROST, Far-InfraRed Observation Spectroscopy Telescope

    11. Dark Matter nature: prospects for future science missions

    12. CEESA: A habitability score computation approach validated by machine learning