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  • 3. Technology Needs for Future Missions, Systems, and Instruments


    1. PLATO (Planetary Transits and Oscillation of Stars) Focal Plane Assembly: Models Philosophy and Prototype tests results.

    2. PLATO spacecraft: Optical Bench Demonstrator for the Characterization of Thermo-Elastic Stability

    3. PLATO satellite pointing performance - guaranteeing the satellite performance throughout design evolutions approaching Satellite PDR

    4. Imaging terrestrial extrasolar planets using submicron interferometric platforms

    5. Design concepts for designing the X-IFU cryostat

    6. Polarimeter for high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics

    7. Precision In-Space Manufacturing for Structurally Connected Interferometry

    8. environmental disturbances on missions for precise tests of relativistic gravity and solar system dynamics: the bepicolombo case

    9. CUbesat for Radio Astronomy at Low Frequencies \\ (CURALF)

    10. Linear-mode avalanche photodiode arrays for low-noise near-infrared imaging in space

    11. LOw-frequency observations using high-altitude Balloon Experiments (LOBE)

    12. A Low-Power CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for Space-based Low-frequency Radio Astronomy