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  • 1. International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions


    1. KEYNOTE: Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS): 2019 Report of Activities to the International Astronautical Congress

    2. Implementation and Evolution of the Space-based Component of the WMO Integrated Global Observing System

    3. Incorporating International Partnerships in the Future NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture

    4. A Preliminary Evaluation Of Sentinel Asia In Response to Natural Disasters in Asia Pacific Region

    5. The Impact of International Coordination on the National Earth Observation Policy: Analyzing the Influence of the GEO’s Data Sharing Principles

    6. International Collaboration for the Evolution of a Global Integrated Observing System

    7. COSMIC-2: An International Collaboration to Advance Terrestrial and Space Weather Remote Sensing

    8. Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa – GMES & Africa

    9. apsco earthquake research project: integrating satellite and ground observations for earthquake signatures and precursors in asia-pacific region

    10. NovaSAR-1 - first year of an international partnership

    11. current and near-future state of space technology for disaster situations

    12. Partnership in Earth Observation: The Case of Regional Centres for Space and Technology Education, Regional Commissions, and Space Agencies, towards Developing Capabilities and New Opportunities to address Developmental Challenges in Africa