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  • 5. Earth Observation Applications, Societal Challenges and Economic Benefits


    1. Leveraging the Expertise of a Space Agency and a Development Agency to Increase Impact of Earth Observation in the Developing World

    2. Assessing the social, economic and environmental benefits derived from Earth Observation-based services along a value chain: a use-case driven approach

    3. From Surveillance to Science: Evaluating Models for Civil Use of U.S. National Security Satellite Data

    4. Challenges and benefits of space technologies application in the Integrated Maritime Surveillance: the EUCISE2020 project

    5. "Dis-aggregating" EO Images and spatial data in a Spatial Analytics model for Farmer's Agricultural Advisory at plot level

    6. Crop acreage estimation for Rice in India using Sentinel-1 (SAR) imagery and Random Forest algorithm

    7. Multitemporal Forest Degradation Assessment in the Amazon Rainforest through L-Band and Optical Data

    8. impact of national disaster management practices on the progressive use of satellite aided tools for disaster response and management in developing countries.

    9. Satellite technology to reduce financial losses caused by the Climate Change effects in Mexico

    10. Earth Observation Technology Applied to Coastal Water Ecosystems in West Africa

    11. Overview of KhalifaSat Mission Applications

    12. Use to AI to analyse Earth observation data to deliver more timely information to decision-makers

    . Developing Cloud-cleared Backgrounds to Assist in GOES-R Series Advanced Baseline Imager Multi-spectral Imagery Applications

    . Utilizing NASA Earth Observations for a spatial pattern analysis of forest loss in the Madre de Dios region of Peru