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  • 1. Advanced Technologies for Space Communications


    1. Optical payload design for a small satellite laser communications

    2. LASER communications for cubesats: A 50 Mbps LASER/Radio hybrid transceiver in a PC-104 form factor card

    3. curl plasma antenna for satcom navigation systems

    4. 2-in-1 Smart Panels: Embedding Phased Array Patch Antennas within Satellite Structures

    5. Optimization of Satellite Communication Link by Digital Beam forming in Ground Stations

    6. Using Mobility prediction to enhance network routing in LEO crosslink network

    7. predictive algorithms to assess inter-satellite links availability in autonomous satellite networks

    8. a fault detection strategy for satellite clusters based on robust principal component analysis

    9. On the Use of Machine Learning for Flexible Payload Management in VHTS systems

    10. Polar Coding for Forward Error Correction in Space Communications with LDPC Comparisons

    11. RF Communication System Concepts for Small Satellite Formation Flying Missions

    12. A Global, Decentralised, Space Communications Network based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

    13. Using Bit Flips as a Source of Randomness in CUBESAT Communication Encryption