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  • Future technology meets new communication strategies - the Heinrich Hertz satellite mission

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    Mr. Bent Ziegler, Germany, OHB System AG-Bremen



    In July 2017 the contract for the Phase C/D of the German national telecommunication mission Heinrich Hertz was awarded to OHB System AG. The objective of the mission is twofold:
    \begin{itemize}\item On the one hand a total of 10 new equipment for telecommunication satellites will gain their flight heritage on Heinrich Hertz. These equipment are forming together a high end communication payload to provide new communication strategies and services.
    \item On the other hand a dedicated communication package is installed to provide communication service for the German Bundeswehr.\end{itemize}
    With this mission, Germany aims at consolidating their leading role in today’s satellite telecommunication industry. The mission will be conducted in geostationary orbit with a projected lifetime of 15 years and a launch scheduled for end of 2021. The OHB SmallGEO platform has been selected for the mission and thereby becomes the 4th SmallGEO telecommunication contract after the ESA missions H36W-1, EDRS-C and Electra. Compared to its predecessors H36W-1 and EDRS-C the Heinrich Hertz mission faces increased demands for accommodation space, antenna configuration, mass and operational flexibility. The SmallGEO for the Heinrich Hertz mission now accommodates a total of eight reflector antennas; has improved the payload accommodation space and includes a hybrid propulsion system using the novel High-Efficiency Multistage Plasma Thruster as the primary thruster for North/South Station Keeping.
    The paper will present an overview of the finalized satellite design and highlight a selected number of mission specific features and services that characterize the Heinrich Hertz satellite and the OHB SmallGEO product line.
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