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  • 3. Fixed and Broadcast Communications


    1. ACM algorithms with performance optimization for Q/V band satellite links

    2. dual reflector antenna with a circularly polarized reconfigurable reflectarray as subreflector

    3. L-, X/Ku-, and Ka-band reflective mesh for large deployable reflector subsystems

    4. A feasibility analysis of small satellite constellations dedicated to serve a country or region with high speed connectivity

    5. Node 1: a new high performance 5G communications system for nanosatellites

    6. Launch vehicle optimized for certain LEO/VLEO satellites and constellatons

    7. Performance of LEO satellite based OFDM Transmission System in a Maritime Environment

    8. Facsat1 Ground Station performance

    9. A New High Performance Star Tracker for Spacecraft

    10. Integration of supplementary payloads into a non-dedicated nanosatellite bus for spectrum analysis on-board SALSAT

    11. Efficient Power Allocation for Profits Maximization in Digital Channelized SATCOM Systems

    12. IP link model for industrial satellite communication

    13. Resource Allocation in NGSO Satellite Constellation Network Constrained by Interference Protection to GEO Satellite Network