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  • 6. Space-Based Navigation Systems and Services


    1. Status of the Galileo services, Europe’s GNSS programme

    2. Analysis of Galileo technical innovations enabling sustainable future Space Traffic Management

    3. Tracking all satellites: adding time-synchronization to each groundstation in a network during post-processing by applying data fusion of signals and time-sources

    4. Architecture design of an ITAR-free Alternative-to-GNSS Navigation System for Assured PNT

    5. Spacecraft Navigation using Phase Tracking of X-ray Pulsar Signals

    6. Orbit and clock estimation of IRNSS using Indian NavIC receiver

    7. Metric Tracking Services in the Era of Optical Communications

    8. A Signal Processing Approach to GNSS Precise Positioning for Lunar Exploration

    9. coverage of the lunar surface by satellites on halo orbits and distant retrograde orbits

    10. positioning for earth's surface cruiser with the vision information by single satellite