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  • 7. Near-Earth and Interplanetary Communications


    1. Telecommunication Design and Analysis for the Europa Lander Mission

    2. Improvements in BepiColombo and JUICE radio science experiments with a multi-station tracking configuration for the reduction of Doppler noise

    3. The Benefits of Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) for Future NASA Science Missions

    4. Analytical Techniques for Assessing Gateway and Other Spacecraft Antenna Line-of-Sight

    5. High data-rate inter-satellite link (ISL) for space-based interferometry

    6. Communication Interoperability for Lunar Missions

    7. A High-Performance Low-Cost Communications System for Small LEO Satellites

    8. Modular Communication Subsystems for Low Earth Orbit Satellites

    9. An Approach for Classification of RF Spectrum Data On-Board the Nanosatellite SALSAT

    10. Optical Communications Feasibility Study for Science Missions located at Sun-Earth Lagrangian Point L2

    11. Concepts for utilization of quantum communications and quantum key distribution

    12. Overview of NASA’s National Space Quantum Laboratory Program

    13. Advanced Interplanetary Communication Architecture