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  • 3. Utilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight Systems


    1. Impact of the International Space Station Research Results

    2. The United Nations, delivering ‘Access to Space for All’: Activity Status in 2019

    3. preliminary planning and policy proposals of science and application for the china’s space station operation

    4. Columbus Infrastructure Utilization beyond 2020 Stefan Petschelt

    5. Major engineering achievements at execution of Russian research program aboard the ISS to support future exploration missions

    6. First results from the German-Russian ICARUS System for Animal Tracking from ISS

    7. Lessons Learned from Developing and Operating MISSE - the First External, Commercial Testing Facility in Space

    8. SpaceQUEST – Current Status of the Experiment on Testing Gravitation Effect on Quantum Entanglement on the ISS

    9. NASA’s Gateway: A Description and Analysis of Scientific Capabilities and Potential

    10. International Space Station, Deep Space Gateway and Future Commercial Stations as Platforms for Micro and Small Sat Assembly, Fueling and Refueling

    11. Crewed servicing missions to space observatories in Lagrangian point orbits

    12. Bartolomeo External Platform Entering Into Commercial Service

    13. Extension of Multiple Artificial-gravity Research System

    14. Innovative Approaches to using the International Space Station as a Mars Transit Habitat Analog