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  • session 4-B6.4
  • 4-B6.4. Flight & Ground Operations of HSF Systems - Joint Session of the IAF Human Spaceflight and IAF Space Operations Symposia


    1. Fast rendezvous profiles’ evolution: from the ISS to the Lunar station

    2. NASA SEXTANT Mission Operations Architecture

    3. Avionics on the International Space Station: An Update

    4. Data Management System of the Russian Computer: 20 years of fault tolerant computer operation, continuous sustaining maintenance and overcome of obsolescence issues

    5. Status of the Advanced Life Support System ACLS - Installation, Commissioning and Operation on ISS

    6. Experimental Results of Controlling an Anthropomorphous Robot with Participation of Cosmonauts in the Interests of Deep Space Exploration

    7. Increment 56/57 ISS events put focus on safety role of the Columbus Flight Director.

    8. Space Station Emergency Planning and Management under Typical Resupply Failures

    9. LUNA 2.0 - Considerations for an European Ground Segment for ESA’s and DLR’s Test Bed for Exploration

    10. Concept of Operations for Sustaining a Long Term Large Crew Mission Performing ISRU and Experiments on the Lunar Surface

    11. Logistics in Human Spaceflight Systems

    12. Role of NASA Headquarters Space Operations Center in Mission Awareness, Contingencies, and External Engagement

    . Lessons Learned on an Early Warning System for Payloads' Operations in the European ISS Module Columbus