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  • 7. Advanced Systems, Technologies, and Innovations for Human Spaceflight


    1. KEYNOTE: From LEO to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond: Shaping Capability Development Strategies for NASA’s Human Exploration Campaign

    2. Architectural Analysis of the Gateway

    3. NextSTEP Habitat Risk Reduction for Gateway

    4. ESPRIT Xenon Refueling System: A Vital Technology Building Block for the Gateway and Future Missions

    5. Lunar Lander Integration with Gateway

    6. Precision Real Time Location System for Astronauts: A Smart System to Locate Assets in Space Habitats

    7. Experimental Investigation of Carbon nanotube Dust Mitigation System for Habitat Structures

    8. Waste for Energy and Volume Recovery (WEVR) using Inductively Heated Plasma Generator

    9. SIRONA: Sustainable Integration of Regenerative Outer-space Nature and Agriculture. Part 2 – Design Development and Projected Performance

    10. development and testing of environmental control and life support systems for deep space habitats

    11. A Commercial Extra-Vehicular Activity Space Suit System

    12. Enabling technologies for more efficient and safe Extravehicular Activities on rocky planetary surfaces

    13. A Feasibility Study of an Artificial Gravity System Concept

    . Electrodynamic centrifuge for space habitats with artificial gravity

    . Scientific Physical and Operations Characterization (SPOC) - Combining Cognitive and Biomechanical Analyses to Inform Planetary Science Exploration

    . “Spin-on” technologies in biomedical support of human spaceflight