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  • session 8-GTS.2
  • 8-GTS.2. Human Spaceflight Global Technical Session


    1. Comprehensive System Simulation of Extravehicular Activities in Support of Exploration System Development

    2. Operating a Space Greenhouse for 12 Months in Antarctica

    3. Designing A Martian Greenhouse as A Habitable Space: Feasibility Studies and Design Approach

    4. dmf: deployable modular frame for inflatable space habitats

    5. Human spaceflight performance: bootstrapping the intersection of biometrics and artistic expression through planetary mission analogue EVAs

    6. Technology-Mediated Human-Plant Interaction as a Psychological Countermeasure in Manned Space Missions

    7. delivering more human into space: uae human space flight regulations

    8. Architecture and Space Systems Design of MARINA: an Orbital Space Hotel

    9. CRADLE- California Research Analog for DeepSpace and Lunar Environments