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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT SYMPOSIUM


    1. Adjustable IVA Spacesuit Ergonomics – Upper Body Motion Envelope Reference Model

    2. An Eye on the Horizon: Analog Mars Rover Localization and Astronaut Detection

    3. Astronaut Resilience Training for the Future Manned Space Mission

    4. Lunar Labs for a Minimum Viable Habitat. Strategic de-risking by design, for complex innovation, co-creation and startup programs, by the example of a global technology program for Lunar habitation in cooperation with NASA.

    5. Experience from a four crew mars simulation mission:A possible investigation for future spaceflight mission

    6. Research on the Application and Expansion of Tianzhou Cargo Spacecraft

    7. the commercial space invoice: how does the general public afford future space participation?