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  • 2. Integrated Applications End-to-End Solutions


    1. space for urban innovation: a global approach to downstream sector

    2. In space no one can hear the policy gap: barriers to wide scale adoption of satellite based services in Europe

    3. Highly responsive space and ground systems: new opportunities for disasters management

    4. The John Glenn Humanitarian Observatory’s end-to-end Problem-Solving for Challenges in Health Security, Water Quality, and Human Migration/Displacement

    5. The Atlantic Ocean and Space Applications

    6. Results of the field-trials of the The Wildland Fire Remote Sensing (FIRE-RS) project

    7. Space-Enabled Integrated Decision Support Systems for Postharvest Loss

    8. Desertification in Nigeria: a product of climate change or human activities? A case of desert encroachment monitoring in North-Eastern Nigeria using remote sensing techniques

    9. Geospatial Surface Water Suitability Assessment for Small Irrigation Schemes towards Increased Local Food Production in Nigeria: A case of Jos East LGA. Plateau State.

    10. Robust Forest Classification using Hyperspectral Imaging, Laser Scanning and Satellite Imagery

    11. Identification of Potential Solar Energy Farms in Sindh, Pakistan using Geospatial data and MCDA