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  • 3. Satellite Commercial Applications


    1. KEYNOTE: ThermCERT - A Signature Commercial Space Application to Tackle Fuel-Poverty in the United Kingdom

    2. Best practices for the launch management of commercial nanosatellites

    3. An Evaluation of the Chinese Private Satellite Sector

    4. STRIVING – In-Orbit Validation As A Service

    5. Evaluation of Business Opportunities Generated by Deployment of LEO Mega-Constellations

    6. Space for all: How to connect Space and Society raising awareness on satellite applications for societal needs

    7. Exploring New Frontiers in Applications by Leveraging Partnerships with Commercial and Non-Governmental Organizations

    8. Socio-economic benefits of space activities in the Asia-Pacific and African region in the 21st century : A case study based on Earth observation satellites

    9. The THEOS-2 Small Satellite and Technology Transfer Program