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  • 1. Ground Operations - Systems and Solutions


    1. Reinventing space operations to ENABLE the NewSpace industry

    2. From Apollo to Amazon – Ground Control Changing

    3. Cubesat Control Centre: a development of an educational control centre to support Cubesat space operations

    4. APSCO Ground Station Network Design and Application

    5. Ground Station and Infrastructure Development at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

    6. Virtual Ground Station for Automated Spacecraft Operations

    7. Satellite flight dynamics activities supported by optical observations, lessons learnt from operational experience

    8. SIRIUS Product Line: Retrospective and feedback on the development of Flight Dynamics Systems

    9. ISS National Lab Resource Utilization and Planning

    10. A Fish-eye Approach to Flocks LEOP-ing

    11. Development and Integration of a Data Operations and Reconfiguration Interface

    12. The China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite - CBERS-4A: A proposal for Ground Segment based on the Space Link Extension Protocol Services.