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  • 3. Mission Operations, Validation, Simulation and Training


    1. new operational concept for gaia, integral & xmm-newton

    2. Attitude and Orbit Control of the Grace Satellites at extremely low power

    3. Operational Solution for Electric Propulsion inclusion in a two ton communications satellite

    4. The first HTV Small Re-entry Capsule (HSRC) operation highlight with regard to crew’s assembly and reentry.

    5. Mission Operations to the Moon, challenges of cost effective lunar mission operations.

    6. Science and Exploration of the Moon Enabled by Surface Telerobotics

    7. Aerial Vehicles for the Inspection of a Martian Surface Settlement and Weather Forecast: Testing and Considerations for Use

    8. A Multi-Agent Spacecraft Autonomy Software Architecture for Formation Flying Missions

    9. Planning and Scheduling in an Enabled World

    10. multi-agent planning under complex constrains for small probes group in deep-space exploration task

    11. Open Source LEO Mission Control System is Going for the Moon

    12. utilization of unsupervised anomalies detector as a tool for managing the tracking and data relay satellite (tdrs) constellation at goddard space flight center (gsfc)