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  • 1. Mission Design, Operations & Optimization (1)


    1. Riemannian optimization for spacecraft trajectory design

    2. Low-thrust Trajectory Optimisation through Differential Dynamic Programming Method based on Keplerian Orbital Elements

    3. Concepts and Applications of Aerodynamic Attitude and Orbital Control for Spacecraft in Very Low Earth Orbit

    4. FLEX tandem with Sentinel-3

    5. New Earth Observation Multi-Satellite Mission Concepts and Space Architectures for Disaster Risk Reduction

    6. optimization of transfer schemes between passive space objects in geo vicinity

    7. constraint analysis for servicing co-located satellites

    8. Trajectory Optimization Using Mixed Minimum-Error and Minimum-Fuel Cost Functions

    9. Trajectory optimization in the Three-body problem for a lunar transportation system

    10. Low-Thrust Trajectory Design for a Cislunar CubeSat Leveraging Structures from the Bicircular Restricted Four-Body Problem

    11. Mission Design for Close-range Lunar Mapping by Quasi-Frozen Orbits

    12. Formation Reconfiguration and Science Planning Architecture for the IRASSI Space Interferometer

    . Graveyard orbit selection for spacecraft in highly eccentric orbits – an analysis for the THOR mission

    . Interplanetary Cruise Trajectory Design for the Comet Astrobiology Exploration Sample Return (CAESAR) Mission