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  • 4. Orbital Dynamics (2)


    1. KEYNOTE: Astrodynamics of Lunar and Cis-Lunar Missions

    2. Manifold-to-manifold transfers using low-thrust acceleration

    3. Design of Low-Energy Capture trajectories in the Elliptic Restricted Four-Body Problem

    4. Sun-Earth libration points transfers through Earth-Moon gravity assist

    5. The Dynamics of Stationkeeping Strategies around Libration Point Orbits

    6. Contributions of Venus Swing-by maneuver in Earth-Mars transfers

    7. Orbit Design and Maintenance in the Elliptical Hill Problem with Applications to the Phobos Sample Return Mission MMX

    8. Psyche Mission: Dynamics On and Nearby the Target

    9. High-Order Resonant Orbit Manifold Expansions For Mission Design In the Planar Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem

    10. Characterization of low-energy orbits for the exploration of planetary systems

    11. Human Agent Planning for Spacecraft Motion subject to Chaotic Dynamics, Small Random Perturbations and Unknown Parameters