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  • 5. Attitude Dynamics (1)


    1. SWOT: an AOCS answering to high payload constraints

    2. Impact of Strain-Actuated Attitude Control Systems for Variant Mission Classes

    3. on the attitude control by thruster of a spinning solar sail and bending moment's effect analysis

    4. Semi-analytical Approach to Fasten Complex and Flexible Pointing Strategies Definition for Nanosatellite Clusters: the HERMES Mission Case from Design to Flight

    5. Detumbling and Attitude Control of Cubesats via Multi-Model Based Embedded Optimization

    6. Model Predictive Steering Control Law for Double-gimbal Scissored Pairs of Control Moment Gyros

    7. Control of an Over-Actuated Spacecraft using a Combination of a Fluid Actuator and Reaction Wheels

    8. Forward Dynamics Algorithm for Origami-Folded Deployable Spacecraft Structures

    9. Coupled Motion Determination and Stabilization of a Satellite Equipped with Large Flexible Elements Using ADCS Only

    10. minimum jerk attitude slew maneuvers

    11. Design and Hardware-in-the-Loop Test of an Active Magnetic Detumbling and Pointing Control based only on Three-Axis Magnetometer Data

    12. experimental validation of agile attitude control with sinc function-based profiler for reducing residual vibrations

    . optimal steering law for single-gimbal control moment gyroscopes with singularity avoidance and vibration suppression