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  • 7. Guidance, Navigation & Control (1)


    1. flight results of gnc system for artificial landmark acquisition in hayabusa2 touchdown operation

    2. GNC Strategy and Results of Hayabusa2 Pinpoint Touch Down Operation

    3. GNC flight results of Hayabusa2 operation for MASCOT release

    4. landmark-free optical navigation around small bodies: application to the hayabusa2 touchdown on ryugu

    5. Probabilistic Guidance of a Swarm Deployed from the Back Shell of the Mars Spacecraft

    6. Autonomous Navigation and Guidance for CubeSats to Flyby Near-Earth Asteroids

    7. Throttled Explicit Guidance for Lunar and Planetary Pinpoint Landing

    8. Flight demonstration of Lie-group based nonlinear optimal control for a vehicle with attitude dynamics (LieQR)

    9. GNC for Lunar Ascent, Orbit Transfer and Rendezvous in Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbits

    10. Overview of the Guidance, Navigation and Control System of the TeamIndus lunar lander

    11. Hovering Control of a Spacecraft Over a Binary Asteroid

    12. HERA GNC Subsystem for deep space and asteroids proximity operations