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  • 8. Guidance, Navigation & Control (2)


    1. GNC Architecture for an Optimal Rendezvous to an Uncooperative Tumbling Target Using Passive Monocular Camera

    2. Linear Covariance Analysis for the Final Rendezvous Phase of the Mars Sample Return – Earth Return Orbiter Mission

    3. Autonomous Orbit Control with on-board collision risk management for Low-Earth Orbit Satellites

    4. Dual Quaternion Based Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking Via Model Predictive Control

    5. Nonlinear control with J2 and drag perturbations for nanosatellite formation flight

    6. Assessment and implementation of viable navigation filter options for close-proximity satellite operation using visual navigation

    7. ASTROBATIC: a hopping-maneuver experiment for a spacecraft-manipulator system on board the International Space Station

    8. Variable-Time-Domain Neighboring Optimal Guidance and Attitude Control of Low-Thrust Lunar Orbit Transfers

    9. Distributed robust consensus-based control with collision avoidance for satellite formation flying

    10. Energy-Optimal Rendezvous Spacecraft Guidance via Theory of Connections

    11. Robust formation control in Low-Earth-Orbit using sector bounds for J2 and drag disturbances

    12. Fuel-Efficient Formation Flying of an Observatory and External Occulter in the Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem

    . Autonomous Navigation over Unexplored Celestial Bodies

    . Influence of Energy Accommodation on a Robust Spacecraft Rendezvous Maneuver using Differential Aerodynamic Forces