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    1. Precise power descent control of single gimballed thruster moon Lander.

    2. capability analysis for manipulator-actuated integrated translational and rotational control strategy of spacecraft

    3. multiple entry trajectory scenarios for returning from the moon: advantages and disadvantages

    4. Reinforcement Learning for Spacecraft Attitude Control

    5. The High Performance Satellite Dynamics Simulator (HPS): A Modular MATLAB/Simulink-Based Simulation Library for GNC Systems Development

    6. Investigating Un-Stability Phenomena and Chaotic Behavior in Deflection of Potential Hazardous Asteroid

    7. ESA F-Class Comet Interceptor: A first close-up study of a dynamically “new” object

    8. Research on the dynamic liquid equilibrium position and the composite equivalent mechanical model of large-amplitude liquid sloshing

    9. Building Inclinated and Excentric High Earth Orbits Through Small Perturbations: A Four-body Dynamics Exploration

    10. CMOS Based High Accuracy Miniaturized Digital Sun Sensor with Optimized Error Compensation on SONATE

    11. Hayabusa2 operational design and evaluation of MINERVAII-1A/B rovers deployment

    12. Vibration suppression during capture of a spinning satellite using input shaping method based on NTSM control

    13. Rendezvous with Spinning Target in Elliptical Orbit by Model Predictive Control

    14. Modeling and Simulation of Post-Impact Dynamics Intended for Real-Time Implementation on Spacecraft Robotic Servicing and Assembly Missions

    15. Qualitative and quantitative characterisation of solutions for the low thrust transfer GTO to GEO

    16. Development of a Hardware-In-the-Loop attitude control simulator for EIRSAT-1, a magnetically actuated 2U CubeSat

    17. neuroevolutionary hebbian-learning for interplanetary trajectory design

    18. Developing Robust Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Control using Generative-Adversarial Machine Learning

    19. The lifetime of dust particles in the Pluto system