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  • Verification of a Hypersonic Test Panel through modal analysis of two finite element solvers, and various element types and formulations

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    Ms. Erika Lieberknecht, United States



    Panels on hypersonic vehicles are subjected to complex aero-thermal loading, resulting in large in-plane stresses. There is a concern that these loads can lead to thermo-mechanical buckling. Since thermo-mechanical buckling can be analyzed by studying the decrease in natural frequencies of the panels as the in-plane compression and shear loads increase,   investigating the panel's natural frequencies using various finite element formulations is a first step in modeling this phenomenon. Selection of appropriate shell or 3-D solid finite element, to be used for discretizing the panel  is very important  as the unique curvature of these panels  decreases the validity of both the thin-shell as well as shallow shell  assumptions. Finite element type and formulation selections for the modal analysis were investigated and comparisons were made using LS-Dyna\textsuperscript{\textcopyright} and Abaqus\textsuperscript{\textcopyright}, two well-established finite element solvers. The variation in eigenvalues and natural frequencies, obtained  from various finite element formulations, of an example hypersonic panel are quantified in this study. The thermo-mechanical buckling load will next be obtained by studying natural frequencies of these panels under increased compression and shear loads.
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