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  • 8. Specialised Technologies, Including Nanotechnology


    1. Mechanical Properties of Polymer-derived Ceramics Modified by Active and Passive Nano-particles

    2. Thermal analysis of advanced ceramic coating on carbon/carbon substrates for aerospace re-entry re-usable structures

    3. Techniques for Reducing the Transition Temperature of Furnace Oxidized VO2 for Spacecraft Thermal Control

    4. Thermal design evaluation of loop heat pipe for small satellite applications using graphene nano-particles

    5. Molecular Dynamics of Nanoparticle Transport Mechanism In Cell Membranes

    6. Metaheuristics in the Automated Design of CMOS-MEMS Sensors for Planetary Exploration.

    7. Graphene as a Stimulus for Nanostructural Changes in Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramics and its Influence on Thermoelectric Performance

    8. Space-grade polyethylene/carbon nanocomposites fabricated by 3D-printing

    9. Design and research of thermal protection considering the carbon foam morphology

    10. feasibility and spontaneity of geopolymers for potential aerospace applications

    11. Topology Optimization for 3D Printing with Selective Placement of CNT Yarn Reinforcement

    12. High strength fiber reinforced syntactic foam composites as interplanetary thermal probe material

    . Laser-induced propulsion of graphene lightsails in microgravity

    . The Study of Ion Implantation and Tribological Properties Based on High-speed Mechanical-seal Pair