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  • 9. Smart Materials and Adaptive Structures


    1. Fundamental Characteristics of Self-deployable Convex Shell Using Shape Memory Polymer

    2. Tunable POSS-POSS Nanostructured Mechanical Metamaterial for Enhanced Durability of Composites

    3. Study and Development of Satellite Solar Panels Deployment System

    4. use of fiber-optic sensors for long-term health monitoring of aerospace structures

    5. novel locking device for magnetic bearing flywheel actuated by bias sma wire actuator combined with linkage mechanism.

    6. Laboratory Demonstration of Coherent Combination of Sparse Aperture Images

    7. Responsive Space Structures: modular, re-configurable tiles for microgravity self-assembly

    8. Numerical and experimental investigation of piezoelectric energy harvester based on flag-flutter

    9. new approach to semi-active vibration control based on disturbance prediction

    10. Panel-Embedded Reaction Wheel for Small Spacecraft

    . New Materials and Manufacturing processes for Nano-Satellite Components